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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Cell Phones Question

FAQ_for phone
Q: About DHL Delivery:
A: In our listed price in aliexpress store,not include DHL remote fee, custom duty, or any commission charged by DHL for custom clearance.
    If you choice DHL delivery, Please verify your address if any remote cost via below guide.
    Leave your name,detail address,include city,street,postal code.
    If it’s remote, then you can take below action:
Q: About Network bands
A: We Add a link to show you how to check the phone whether can be used in your country:
    1).All our Smartphone Unlocked for Worldwide use, But please check if your local area network is compatible with our phones, you can check this link:  willmyphonework.net   to see the Network Frequency for your country, please confirm with your carriers or providers before you purchase this item.
    2).Most dual sim mobile phone only one sim slot support 4G WCDMA network.
Q: Can’t Turn on the Phone or Still display the LOGO:
A: 1.Pls check your phone battery,and you can try charge your phone at least 3 hours.
    2.If only display the logo,You may need reinstall the firmware.
       We will send the download link from order message,pls download and unzip the file,the do as the guide.
Q: About bad pixel point
A: We’ll check all the phone screen,As far as possible to avoid dead piexel point.But we can’t confirm the phone without dead pixel point absolute.So we can’t accept the refund because bad pixel,if you want refund,you should pay the postage.
Q:Many phone with 2.5D Curved Glass,Will the glass film cover the full screen?
A:This phone is with 2.5D curved edge screen. the glass film is hard, not be available . It is design to cover the flat part of the screen. can not cover the edge.Pls understand.
Q: Can not boot
A:After you recevice the phone,but can not reboot it,
   Pls confirm you had remove the protection film from the battery
   Because of long time shipping,maybe the battery use out(Need to be waken up).
   Pls charge the phone battery at least 12 hours,if your phone can’t be charge,pls try change the Plug adapter.
    1). peal off the film on the battery;
    2). hold “power button” up to 5s;
    3). Battery might drained/with low voltage, please recharge for at least 10 minutes or long press the
         power key for second,then full charge it.
    4). Remove battery,then insert it, power on;
    5). charge the phone or Charge the battery by Universal charger;
    6). Maybe battery and mobile phone contact too loose;
    7). Maybe Metal contact surface is dirty or oxidized.
Q: Why is the ROM less than 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB ?
A:  1). The hardware manufacturers use 1000B as 1G, but the software vendor use the 1024B as 1G, so the 16G ROM will
          less then 16GB.
     2). The recover and cache will also occupy the ROM, so it will show less than 16GB, nearly 13GB-14GB..
     3). OS will cost the ROM
Q: Don’t have APN (Can not use 3G Internet)
A: About the network, If you didn’t has APN (Access Point Name),you have 2 options:
    1). call your Network Provider and they will give you that.
    2). download this app
Q: Can’t receive SMS
A:   1)”Setting”—>”location access”—> Cancel “Wi-Fi & mobile network location” option, then reboot phone.
      2).If the first method can not solve the problem, Can be solved by restoring factory setting (recommended to back up your data):
           “setting—>”Backup & reset”—>”Factory data reset”—“Reset phone”.
Q: Can’t pen WLAN or can’t search wifi signal
A:   1).wifi band: some mobile phones can’t support 14-band, So you need set your router wifi band or reset your router;
      2).Install the latest firmware from official site or connect our services.
Q: Can’t recognize TF card or install app to TF card
A: 1).Some phones does not support tf card installed;
    2).Make sure the TF card is not damaged, and can normally use
    3).Check whether there are installation location option at the settings;
    4).Install the latest firmware from official site or connect our services;
Q: Can’t recognize SIM card or the Signal instability
A: 1).Don’t remove SIM card or TF card when phone is on! Otherwise might break your phone!;
    2).Please check the IMEI number exists;
    3).Root your phone, Use “mobile uncle tool” enter to band mode, and choose all the available bands;
    4).Maybe you flashed the Custom firmware, or flash the GSM version ROM to WCDMA version phone;
    5).Install the latest firmware from official site or connect our services;
Q: App from google play or other app store doesn’t work or is not supported.
A:1). Some app only support installed on Internal storage;
   2). Maybe the apk Incompatible version, you can download the latest version from other app store.
   3). Power management app black screen protection caused this, can uninstall this type app;
   4). Too many background app are running, forced quit, you can disable the boot entry;
   5). Pls check this link:
   6). System caused this.


  When you select DHL Express ,usually need to pay some Customs taxes, especially for Spain,Italy,Mexico,Chile,Israel,Poland etc.Please make sure that you can finish declarance and pay  taxes when choose DHL.Please leave message when you place orders about delcare value (at least $45),Otherwise we will declare by our experience (For example $65 or write Real value )
  We sincerely hope that you do not use additional import costs or customs clearance delays as a reason to open dispue and  requesting refunds or leaving negative feedback.

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